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2016 August Exhibition:

"Line and Grain"

By: Scott Troxel

"Meet the Artist" Reception:

Friday, August 12, 7pm - 8:30pm

Scott, a resident of Cape May County, focuses on modern abstract and non-objective work. His work originates from looking at objects or emotions and breaking them down to their abstract forms. Texture, balance and form take precedence over narration or subject matter. His three-dimensional wall sculptures combine exotic hardwoods, re-purposed materials, acrylic paint and sometimes metals. Scott blurs the lines between modernism, minimalism and abstract expressionism, sometimes using hard edged lines to compose his shapes, and other times painting more freely, allowing the process to determine the result. There is a very different mindset in each approach, one which involves planning and precision, and the other requiring action and instinct.

Scott initially studied art, then switched to film-making while attending Temple University. He then worked in product development and design creating hundreds of consumer products. When Scott is not working on his art, he works in creative marketing, advertising and graphic design, where he creates visual identities and advertising for brands.

Ocean City Arts Center Executive Director Rosalyn Lifshin said, "We are excited about featuring the unique and modern art of Scott Troxel. His work is different and refreshing".

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