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2017 August Exhibition:

Thru Our Eyes Imagery

"Ocean City Thru Our Eyes"

"Meet the Artists" Reception:

Friday, August 11, 7pm - 8:30pm

"Thru Our Imagery" photographers, Loralea Kirby and son Zachary, present a gallery of Ocean City landmarks, seascapes and iconic images at the Ocean City Arts Center August 1 through August 31. A "Meet the Artists" reception, free and open to the public will be held Friday, August 11 at 7pm. The photographs will be for sale.

Southern New Jersey natives, the Kirbys have photographed the Jersey Shore area for the past decade. After a Navy career full of deployments and relocations, the Kirby family found themselves firmly planted in New Jersey. To help, Zachary, the eldest of three active boys adjust to settling down in yet another new area, a camera and many meandering road trips came into play. Loralea said, "Zak and I never used a GPS or map when we went to a new area. We enjoyed getting lost. So much is missed when we focus on the destination instead of the journey to get there".

What started as a hobby became a way of life for the entire family. Southern New Jersey became home, and photography turned into a way to share the treasures that are found here. The mother and son team came to believe that every photo needed to share what it felt like to be at the location at that very moment. The mission for the team became capturing an image that will never be exactly the same again, so we can revisit that place in time forever.

Ocean City Arts Center Executive Director Rosalyn Lifshin said, "We met the Kirbys when they participated in a Boardwalk Art Show several years ago. They won an award the first year and continued to impress Ocean City visitors ever since that summer. We are so excited to host them in our gallery".

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