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2017 March Exhibition:

"Metamorphosis. The Human Stories"

"Meet the Artists" Reception:

Friday, March 3, 7pm - 8:30pm

Throughout March, OCAC will feature an international exhibit by college students which focuses on global immigration and the refugee crisis. OCAC is partnering with the Stockton University School of Arts and Humanities and ARTV faculty. A reception to view the work will be held Friday, March 3, from 7pm to 8:30pm. Please note that the Arts Center will hold its March reception on the first Friday, and not the usual second Friday.

This student exhibition is part of, and builds on, a broader multicultural project which began in 2016 in Germany and Armenia and will conclude with an exhibit in November 2017 in Dresden, Germany. Students from around the world participating in the show, address the subject matter by telling their own story or the story of their family. Participating schools are Stockton University, Galloway Township, N.J.; Columbus College of Art and Design, Columbus, Ohio; University of Central Oklahoma, OK; Dresden Fine Art Academy, Dresden, Germany; and Gyumri Fine Art Academy in Armenia. The exhibition will travel to Dresden in November 2017 and will be featured at the Columbia College of Art and Design in 2018 and 2019. The Art will ultimately become part of the permanent collection at the School of Arts and Humanities at Stockton University.

Featured will be mixed media work on paper including drawing, printmaking, collage and video. One of the purposes of the show is for these artists to give voice through their art to those who do not have the opportunity or a platform to share their story or experience.

"The Ocean City Arts Center met with Arts and Humanities Assistant Professor Mariana Smith more than a year ago to discuss the exhibit", said Ocean City Arts Center Director Rosalyn Lifshin, "This exhibit is a positive venue for students to explore this controversial topic through Art. It is more powerful because the narratives in this contemporary art focus on real experiences".

Assistant Professor of Art Mariana Smith representing the symposium said, "This project underscores the growing crisis not only as an economic or political matter, but as a global challenge to our very sense of humanity. This body of works invites viewers to reflect on their role as a global citizen, and our responsibilities in addressing the ongoing global crisis".

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