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2017 October Exhibition:

Christina & Justin Lowenstein

"Artistic Parallels"

A mother and son, sharing their love of art through paintings, woodworking, and metalwork

"Meet the Artists" Reception:

Friday, October 13, 7pm - 8:30pm

About the Show...

"Artistic Parallels" is a visually exciting show, featuring the vibrant acrylic paintings of Christina Lowenstein, with wood, metal and the unique finish work of craftsman Justin Lowenstein. Expect a variety of impressionist and abstract paintings, wood furniture, cutting boards, boxes, and much more.

About Christina...

Visual art and interior design have been an integral part of Christina's life as far back as she can remember. After receiving a degree from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in California, she pursued a career in commercial and residential interior design. In 1985, Christina began to hone her artistic sensibilities while studying under Lance Balderson. He has been a major influence on her development as an artist, and she has continued to paint with him for 32 years. She strives to be creative and original, while never being afraid to experiment with new ideas in the hopes of enhancing the quality of her work.

About Justin...

With over 15 years of experience in wood and automotive refinishing, Justin has been handling materials of all shapes and sizes since he was of working age. At the age of 16, Justin was gifted his first guitar, which he heavily modified. Shortly thereafter, Justin began doing guitar modifications and went on to later build several original guitars. About four years ago, Justin met a local furniture store owner, who gave him the opportunity to turn his hobby into a career. Since then, Justin has delivered over a hundred custom furniture orders. He continues to run a successful furniture business out of Pleasantville, NJ. "Artistic Parallels" is a way for Justin to show his love of a variety of materials through a series of original custom cabinets, cutting boards, tables, boxes, and bowls.

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