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2018 August Exhibition:

"Painted Alleys"

By: Anthony Allman

"Meet the Artist" Reception:

Friday, August 10, 7pm - 8:30pm

About the Show...

As Anthony Allman walks around the alleys of Ocean City he sees things many of us don’t notice. He sees the bands of light and shadows, the juxtaposition of old buildings and structures against the backdrop of new construction. He also sees an algorithm in our town, a struggle between the old Ocean City and the newer one. Anthony has put these unique features of our alleys into his exhibit at the Ocean City Arts Center August 1 through August 31. The show is appropriately named “Painted Alleys”. Anthony’s work will be for sale and begins at about $200.

Anthony says “Having been in the construction business for 45 years, I can see and feel the struggle which is a cognitive dissonance if you will. It’s not that I was seeing things differently, it’s just that as the painting process ensued I saw different things. I saw the paintings in my head and the hands followed. It all comes to a boil in Alley #20 called, “I Am the Monkey”.

Rosalyn Lifshin, Executive Director of the Ocean City Arts Center says, “Anthony’s work is so bright and colorful. It has a real basic beauty. In addition, many of his paintings tell a story”.

About Anthony...

Anthony is mostly self-taught as a painter. He attended many classes and workshops in the 1970’s. In the mid 1980’s he walked into the Cape May, NJ, studio of New York Artist and teacher Bob Roehenbeck. Roehenbeck was a wealth of information and a mentor to Allman. Anthony worked with Roehenbeck until the artist passed away in 2006. Anthony’s work has been displayed at the Wayne Art Center, Cape May; Pagus Gallery in Florida; the Noyes Museum in Southern New Jersey; and the Mainline Art Center in Philadelphia. In addition, he has participated in the Atlantic City and Ocean City Boardwalk Art Shows. Also, Anthony’s work is in private collections along the East and West Coasts and most notably part of actor Robert Protzky’s collection.

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