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2018 January Exhibition:

Grace Zambelli

"Meet the Artist" Reception:

Friday, January 12, 7pm - 8:30pm

About Grace...

Grace is a New Jersey licensed Psychologist and an Art Therapist. She has melded her professional career and a personal life that have combined these passions. Grace has used art for the past thirty years to develop therapy programs for bereaved children and their families. She has authored numerous articles and training manuals about the use of art and creative methods to facilitate the grieving process. Creating art as a therapeutic modality has been the primary way for her to work with children in private practice. In addition, Grace channels her creative energies in her work as a school psychologist at Shepard Schools in Morristown, New Jersey.

Grace is most interested in the narrative, which is art that tells a story. She uses acrylics and pastels to capture the nuances of people and places in everyday life. Her work as a psychologist and art therapist has propelled her to observe closely and respond to the mood and dynamics in social connections.

“Art is both a visual and social connection between its creator and its viewer. I paint scenes from daily life which I hope engages the viewer’s imagination, emotions and connection to their own personal narrative. My family and friends are often unknowing models as they go about day to day activities”, Grace says regarding her art.

Ocean City Arts Center Executive Director Rosalyn Lifshin said, “Grace’s unique ability to draw in her audience has made her an award- winning artist in our area. She is an Associate Artist at the Noyes Museum and The Riverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts. In addition, Grace has exhibited at numerous galleries in New Jersey, including the Great Bay Gallery, Nashville North Studios and the Ocean City Fine Arts League. She was recently accepted into the Ocean City Arts Center’s Juried Art Show”.

In addition, Grace was chosen New Jersey Artist of the Year in the Twin Cities TOSCA Magazine’s “Favorite American Artists Series”, ( Grace and her husband, artist Michael Zambelli, live in Northern New Jersey, and spend much time at their Ventnor home.

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