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2018 September Exhibition:

"Facing East"

By: Taylor Hadley

September 4 - 29

"Meet the Artist" Reception:

Friday, September 14, 7pm - 8:30pm

About the Show...

"Facing East" is a collection of images devoted to the beauty of the East Coast. Hadley began his interest in photography at an early age. As a teenager he became serious about his hobby and borrowed every book in the library to study color theory, art composition and photography techniques. A professional in the health field, Hadley says, "The purpose of this collection (of photographs) is twofold: First, to encourage you to see beauty in the routine. Believing the world to be created and every detail a thought of the Creator, there is endless excitement in seeing the beauty of where you are. Second, I wish to highlight the privilege of living on the East Coast. Much is made of distant travel and exotic locations but as you view these images, you will see that many are taken locally in Ocean City. Such is the joy of facing east."

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