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Ocean City Arts Center

   Call Us At: 609.399.7628

"Ice Cream" by Linda Leonard

2019 August Exhibition:

"Another Winter in a Summer Town"
A group exhibition
By: OCAC Students & Teachers
August 1 - 31
"Meet the Artists" Reception:
Friday, August 9, 7pm - 8:30pm

About the Show... 

This is the second year the students and teachers have collaborated to produce a month-long exhibit. This is the first year that they were given a theme. Board President Dr. Jack Devine announced the theme "Another Winter in a Summer Town" last January. Paintings include Ocean City winter scenes, seascapes in winter, and other moody scenes of a shore town when only the year-round residents are left in the area and many of the businesses are closed.

More than 40 students will show their art during the show.  All artists are students at the Ocean City Arts Center and range in experience from beginners to intermediate level to experienced painters. We also have a few special needs students that will display their work. Teachers who will join their students in the show are Barbara Rosin, who instructs a class in all mediums; Susan Rau, Watercolor and Folk Art; Marie Natale, Watercolor; Renee Leopardi, Pastel Landscapes and Susan Irland, who teaches Pen, Pencil, Acrylics and Watercolor.
Ocean City Arts Center Executive Director Rosalyn Lifshin said, "This is the first time many of these students will have the opportunity to exhibit.  They are learning the next step in becoming an artist, which is to prepare their work for a gallery.  This is also an opportunity for our Center to show visitors the excellent art education we provide here".

The Artists...
Aren Alfaro, Acrylic
Anne Andreotta, Watercolor
Axel Axelson, Acrylic
Carol Casano, Watercolor
Merryl Cool, Acrylic
G. Matthew Dixon, Pastel
Gayle Faherty, Watercolor
John Gideonse, Watercolor
Kathy Geary, Acrylic
Dorie Good, Watercolor
Alisa Harris, Acrylic, pastel
Nancy Harris, Mixed media
Carole Hayes, Acrylic
Judy Henhoeffer, Watercolor
Angela Iannuzzio, Acrylic
Susan Irland, Acrylic
Carol Kearney, Acrylic
Kokona Kouzoukas, Mixed media
Linda Leonard, Watercolor
Renee Leopardi, Pastel
David Lukoff, Watercolor
Roberta McCaughey, pastel
Carla Migliaccio, Acrylic
Wendy Morris, Acrylic
Michael Murray, Watercolor
Tracy Musarra, Acrylic
Marie Natale, Watercolor
Sharon Pachler, Watercolor
Barb Pistoia, Watercolor
Susan Rau, Watercolor
Doug Riley, Pastel
Brent Robinson, Pen & ink
Barbara Rosin, Oil, Watercolor
Linda Ryan, Acrylic
Eileen Sackin, Watercolor
Kelly Sanzo, Watercolor
Patti Smith, Acrylic
Cathy Stanford, Acrylic
Eileen Stone, Oil, Acrylic
Maggie Swetkoff, Watercolor
Susan Taylor, Watercolor
Nicole Thompson, Acrylic
Janet Westerman, Watercolor
Bob Woolery, Watercolor
Katie Zalewski, Acrylic