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2019 July Exhibition:

"Saltwater Colors"

A solo photography exhibition

By: George Gehring

July 1 - 31

"Meet the Artist" Reception:

Friday, July 12, 7pm - 8:30pm

About the Show...

Born and raised in Ocean City, NJ, the shore will always be my home. My summers were something out of a storybook—in a word, magical. Forever sunny beach days; endless swims in the ocean; a lively, bustling boardwalk; long lazy bike rides, and so much more. The beach is my heaven on earth—and it's the reason it’s the subject of so many of my pictures.

When it comes to life, I like to say, "I’ve taken the scenic route." I’ve lived in many cities—from San Francisco to Los Angeles to New York City—studied abroad in Italy, and continue to travel around the globe any chance that comes my way. Looking at the world through my own lens and snapping those ‘just found’ moments is my passion.

For me, the camera—be it my digital SLR or iPhone—is just a tool that allows me to capture my vision. But it’s the creative process that comes afterward that most excites me: cropping an image, choosing a paper, changing a filter or exposure, and so on.

The comment I hear the most about my work is that my photos looks like watercolor paintings. There’s nothing more gratifying than watching someone lean in to look at one of my pictures only to be surprised at discovering that it’s actually a photo. It’s why I’m calling this collection “Saltwater Colors.”

I studied photography at the renowned Art Center College of Design, after receiving a B.A. degree in English Literature and business from Loyola University, in Maryland. I’ve worked at Architectural Digest, Gourmet, and GQ, and now work in the podcasting industry. Today, I split my time between Brooklyn, NY, and Ocean City, NJ.

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