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Painting by Merryl Cool

2019 June Exhibition:

"In the Manner of David Hockney"

An Invitational Themed Show

"Meet the Artists" Reception:

Friday, June 14, 7pm - 8:30pm

About the Show...

Twenty-seven of the area's finest painters will exhibit their unique interpretations of the work of David Hockney, June 1 through 29. The show "In the Manner of David Hockney" is the Center's annual invitational exhibit in which area artists are invited to paint a version of the theme. A "Meet the Artists" reception, free and open to the public, will be held Friday, June 14, from 7pm to 8:30pm. For the first time two awards will be presented at the reception: A top award of $250 for "The Painting that Best Adheres to the Theme"; and an Honorable Mention award of $100.

Born in Britain, Hockney moved to Los Angeles, California, at age 26. Inspired by his surroundings in Los Angeles, Hockney is well-known for his paintings featuring sun-drenched settings in California. His paintings also often feature bright, bold colors. Hockney holds the auction record for a living painter. His work "Portrait of an Artist (Pool with two figures)" sold at auction in New York in 2018 for $90.3 million. He is 81 years-old.

Featured artist Merryl Cool, a Smithville, NJ, resident, will exhibit an acrylic painting in the style of David Hockney. She began creating art in 1978 at a pottery studio in Flint Michigan. She continued as a potter while living in Michigan and New York. She then began painting in acrylics more than 20 years ago at the Ocean City Arts Center. It was a way to memorialize her mother, Sylvia. Ms Cool names two teachers who have influenced her painting. They are teacher and artist Lance Balderson, with whom Ms. Cool has taken art classes for more than 20 years, and Ocean City Arts Center teacher and artist Barbara Rosin. An award-winning painter Ms. Cool says "My goal is to create a bold work of art that resonates with my analysis of the subject. I accomplish this primarily through the generous use of color and the creation of unique compositions."

The Artists...

Lance Balderson

Lorraine Caruso

Joanne Coffman

Merryl Cool

Linda Crane

Tim Faherty

Janet Gabriel

Ellen Gavin

Lolly Grilli

Alisa Harris

Nancy Harris

Shirley Hawthorne

Susan Irland

Rae Jaffe

Theresa Kennish

Joanne Killian

Wanda Kline

Chuck Law

Renee Leopardi

Amy Mahon

Cheryl Matthews

Annette Maynard

Carole McCray

Rita Michalenko

Carla Migliaccio

Gloria Moyer

Susan Rau

Barbara Rosin

Marie Shafron

Patti Speed

Beverly Taht

Grace Zambelli

Carol Zerbe

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