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A solo exhibition of watercolor paintings by

Kathy English

August 1 - 30, 2022

"Meet the Artist" Reception will be held:

Friday, August 12, 7pm - 8:30pm

The Artist...

Kathy Anne English, self-taught watercolor artist, began her career over 40 years ago. In 1987 she started a business, Custom Artwork, offering custom framing, private art classes, school programs, merchandising imagery, illustration, commission work for national organizations, produced hundreds of original artworks for gallery exhibits and personal collections and mentoring aspiring artists, longing to build their art careers. Kathy’s quest to capture intricate detail in her artwork is based on early life experiences. Starting around age 4, she began providing accurate descriptions of daily sightings to her blind father, at the request and encouragement of his parents. Her grandparents provided the art supplies. There were many adventures, observations and verbal, with visual explanations, for all that she saw. This ultimately led to an appreciation for every color, contour, texture, contrast and line.

Growing up in Southern New Jersey, Kathy has artistically chronicled the areas historical structures, fishing vessels, flora and fauna, landscapes and portraits of all types. She has earned the recognition and awards from countless municipalities throughout the tri-state area and beyond, exhibited in countless galleries, including The Noyes Museum, as a Signature Artist and Summer Camp Art Instructor. Through Young Audiences of NJ and PA and The Arts Horizons Foundation, Kathy has been awarded dozens of school grants for Artist-in-Residency programs, inspiring artists in all grade levels. Kathy has also made a tremendous impact through special programs such as AtlantiCare’s Healing Arts Program and the Philadelphia Women’s Board of the American Cancer Society, helping raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for patient service and advocacy.

Global travel and Scuba Diving experiences influenced Kathy’s expanded subject matter to include marine life and vacation venues. Marine species were brought to life for all to enjoy, lending to decades of affiliation with organizations such as the American Academy of Underwater Sciences, Rutgers University, Jacques Cousteau National Estuarine Research Reserve, NJ Artificial Reef Association, and the NJ Fish Game and Wildlife Federation. In addition to resourcing NJ State educational materials, Kathy’s work has also centered multiple fundraising campaigns for educational scholarships and research.

The Art...

Kathy’s exhibit, at the Ocean City Art Center will include a compilation of her various original artworks, including wildlife, portraiture, and interpretative pieces from the past couple years. Followers of her work will note Kathy’s common style and technique, though her main focus and category tends to shift every five to ten years. Much of her work represents a specific aspect of her life, from lighthouses to barns and farms, her grandchildren to “Sentimental Stills”, anemones to mountains, the Jersey Devil to her whimsical “Animal Castles” series.

Currently creating a series titled “Painting America”, Kathy has completed 30 paintings thus far. This series consists of a favorite landscape and local wildlife to represent each state.  Kathy, along with her husband, Jeff, have traveled many different locations in their RV, finding serene locations, making memories, and painting all the while. Through this completed series, they hope to encourage others to explore and embrace our amazing country and to respect and protect our wildlife, our land and our people.

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