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Annual Invitational Themed Show

"In the Manner of Edvard Munch"

June 1 - 29, 2022

"Meet the Artists" Reception will be held:

Friday, June 10, 7pm - 8:30pm

The Show...

Each and every June, we have a wonderful tradition called the Invitational Themed Show. This year, the theme is “In the Manner of Edvard Munch.” The participating artists are listed below. The idea is to challenge the invited artists to get creative for the announced theme, and possibly even stretch the artist outside of their comfort zone.

Painting “In the Manner of Edvard Munch” is certainly not an easy accomplishment. Munch’s style and subject matter changed several times throughout his life, but one thing stayed the same. He was an expressionist. Expressionism is a movement where the artist conveys internal feelings and emotions in their work, using color, lines, movement, composition, etc. Munch was the most influential exponent of this movement (Arts and Artists, Jeremy Kingston, p. 104). His most famous painting “The Scream” uses a simplified composition, long curving lines, and dramatic colors to convey the very feelings that inspired him to paint it. Each of his many paintings not only tells a story, but very much expresses the internal feelings of the subjects or how the subjects made Munch feel. The master painter and his works are still relevant to this day.

We hope you enjoy the show!

The Artists...

Gail Beckley, Chris Boyle, Carla Brennan, Marilyn Brent, Diane Brown, Joanne Coffman, Tim Faherty, Jenny Fischer, Ellen Gavin, Adele Governatore, Lolly Grilli, Alisa Harris, Nancy Harris, Shirley Hawthorne, Susan Irland, Rae Jaffe, Theresa Kennish, Joanne Killian, Cheryl Matthews, Annette Maynard, Carole McCray, Rita Michalenko, Ericka Midiri, Carla Migliaccio, Gloria Moyer, Chris O'Brien, Maria Payer, Thomas Ralston, Susan Rau, Barbara Rosin, Allison Southard and Grace Zambelli.

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