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A solo exhibition of game board & sign paintings by

George Bono

May 2 - 26, 2022

"Meet the Artist" Reception will be held:

Friday, May 13, 7pm - 8:30pm

The Artist...

George Bono was born and raised in Gloucester, Massachusetts.  He has been in South Jersey for 40 years with a couple years in California.

"I started drawing at a young age. My mother used to love to paint, that's where I may have picked up the desire to paint many years later. I like to paint game boards and pub and inn signs that have lots of color to them. I paint on pine, birch plywood and when possible, reclaimed pine. All my paint is acrylic. I let the wood dictate how it takes the paint. Every section of boards and signs are individually painted. I hope others enjoy what I enjoy painting."  -George

George was a participating artist in our 2021 Boardwalk Art Show.  His work was quite a hit with the crowd.  We hope you enjoy the show as well!

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