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"Prints in Motion"

A solo exhibition of linoleum monoprints by

Kit Donnelly

October 1 - 29, 2022

"Meet the Artist" Reception will be held:

Friday, October 14, 7pm - 8:30pm

The Artist...

Kit Donnelly (she/they) is a painter and printmaker living and working in South Jersey. Recently, they also have been constructing small sculptural works. Their work has been shown in different venues throughout Vermont, parts of New England, Philadelphia and Baltimore. In 2014 they received an MFA from Mass Art’s Low Residency Graduate Program. In the summer of 2015, they moved from Vermont to Cape May, NJ in order to allow more time to pursue a career as a professional artist. They are a member of DaVinci Art Alliance in Philadelphia and serve on the exhibitions committee there; helping shape the goals of the gallery to support the marginalized and underserved community of Philadelphia.

Artist's Statement...

“Years ago, I began printmaking as a tool to make developments in my painting. Now, making prints is an integrated, meaningful part of my studio practice . The work in this show spans about 5 years. All of the pieces are a variety of print processes combined to form its own unique language. I have been discovering many new ways to make prints that have an additive as well as a subtractive element. Much like painting. Done one at a time. So, there are no series, no registration, no multiples.

In all my work over the last several years, I have been using metaphors of nature to access powerful emotions. Frustration at unfairness, grief from copious loss, and exaltation from moments of oneness. These types of sentiments are what I visually express as twisted lines, animated forms, or expressive coloration. Working in this way has allowed an inquisitiveness regarding my relationships; both human and with the natural world. Continually pushing the boundaries of what I may know to be my truth and exposing humanity in a way that breaks barriers of division."

-Kit Donnelly


Artist's website:

Instagram:  @kitddonnelly

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