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Annual Boardwalk Art Show

59th Annual Boardwalk Art Show

August 5, 6 & 7, 2022

2022 Judges

Jack Devine - President, Board of Trustees

Marian Talese - artist, Board of Trustees

Rachel Cobb - Photographer

Matthew Daniels - artis

Ellen Gavin - artist

Gloria Moyer - artist

2022 Winners

Ocean City Arts Center Purchase Award

(cannot be won consecutively)

1. “Tiles” by Skip Gosnell

2. “Hawaii” by Isa Kollgaard

3. "Phoenixville Rooftops" by Keri Marini

Arlene Fisher Best of Show - $500

“Sunhat & Glasses” by Heather Lynn Gibson

Best of Show – Jewelry

Jean Hasselman

Aubrey W. Dutton Memorial Award - $200

(an Ocean City themed piece)

“Ocean City Umbrella” by George Gehring

2nd Place - $350

“Lettuce Coral - Red Sea” by David Delbiondo

3rd Place - $250

“Hazy, Like Sunday Morning” by George Gehring

3 Honorable Mentions - $100 each

(In a diversity of mediums)

1. “Sewing Machine Abstract” by Molly Goehring

2. “Prussian Blue Beach” by Fanelle White

3. “Causeway Bridge” by Michael Heayn

2022 Sponsors

Barbara Dutton (award)

Renewal by Anderson

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