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Ocean City Arts Center

   Call Us At: 609.399.7628

2019 Children's Summer Art Camps

  • Monday-Friday
  • 9am-12pm or 12:30pm-3:30pm
  • Ages 3-5, 6-9, 10-13
Registration required!
Call (609) 399-7628 or mail in this form:
2019 Flyer

Full day discount:  Morning camp $165 & afternoon camp $150 (same child, same week - pack a lunch!)

>> Ages 3-5 <<

DISNEY CAMP - Caroline & Julia Erickson

Ages 3-5

1st Session: July 15, 9-noon

2nd Session: July 29, 9-noon

3rd Session: Aug 5, 9-noon                 

Come learn all the Disney stories from Lion King to Cinderella, Elsa & Ana, Paw Patrol and more!  Students will read stories, make crafts, play games, sing, dance, act and transform into their favorite Disney characters!

>> Ages 6-9 <<

ANIMALS - Aaron Bogushefsky

Ages 6-9

June 24, 9-noon

In this class led by local artist and teacher “Bogy”, students will learn how to draw animals of all kinds.  They will create underwater scenes with watercolors and oil pastels, paint their favorite animal on canvas, make an animal collage, create 3-D sculptures and practice drawing correct animal forms.  If you love animals and want to get better at drawing them this class is for you!

FUTURE POP STARS - Brooke Parsons

Ages 6-9

1st Session: July 1, 9-noon

2nd Session:  July 15, 9-noon

Students have a chance to move and dance like their favorite pop stars!  Class will involve jazz and hip hop movement with pop dancing!  We will then go over stage movements. There will be a mini show at the end of the camp.  Shoes:  Jazz shoes if available


Aaron Bogushefsky

Ages 6–9

July 1, 9-noon

Led by local surf artist and teacher “Bogy”, students will learn to make beach & surf art.  Inspired by the OC lifestyle, this class will highlight the beach, surf and boardwalk.  Students will create paintings and oil pastel drawings, use clay to build miniature sand castles, cut paper collages and more.  If your kids like the beach and boardwalk this is the perfect camp!


Brooke Parsons

Ages 6-9

1st Session: July 8, 9-noon

2nd Session:  Aug 12, 9-noon

Offers contemporary, jazz and hip hop techniques.  This camp boosts creativity, technique, confidence and performance!  There will be a mini show at the end of the week.  Shoes:  Jazz shoes if available


Leigh Ann Mooney

Ages 6-9

1st Session: July 8, 9-noon

2nd Session:  Aug 19, 12:30-3:30                 3rd Session:  Aug 26, 9-noon

Let’s mix it up together and explore various art mediums such as creating clay sea turtles with mosaics, paper mache ice cream creations, flamingo beach paintings on canvas, snorkeler self-portraits using watercolors, and creating whimsical dream catchers.


Alex DiGiovanni

Ages 6-9

July 8, 9-noon

Campers will explore creating characters and visual stories while being shown different drawing and painting techniques to bring their creations to life.  Campers will learn illustration, pen and ink techniques, storyboarding, painting, color theory and figure drawing.


Megan Bellucci

Ages 6-9

1st Session: July 15, 9-noon

2nd Session:  July 15, 12:30-3:30

We will create artwork that is all about summer in this class!  Students will experiment with watercolor, pastels, and mixed media.  Each project allows for students to use their creativity and create something unique to them.  Projects will include watercolor resist jellyfish, woven paper fish, oil pastel beach drawing, sunglasses self portrait and an ice cream collage on canvas.


Sarah Gonzalez-O’Donnell

Ages 6-9

July 15, 12:30-3:30

In this camp we will be exploring how to take raw whole foods and turn them into delicious meals and treats.  Kids will be learning basic facts on plant based nutrition and just how fun and easy it is to whip up your own food without using any heat sources!  Our goal is to end the week with energy bars & bites to start their day, Rawsome donuts and desserts to end their meals and so much more!  Disclaimer:  A variety of nuts will be used in our recipes.

Full STEAM Ahead! - Jordan Caplan

Ages 6-9

1st Session: July 22, 9-noon

2nd Session:  Aug 19, 9-noon

Students will explore, experiment and engage in projects related to science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM).  Students will collaborate, problem solve and work through the creative process to produce amazing artwork all while having fun!  Projects include squishy circuits, diffusion artwork, slime, animated videos and more!

CLAY TIME JR. - Jason Elia

Ages 6-9

1st Session: July 22, 9-noon

2nd Session: July 29,  9-noon              

This camp is designed for kids that want to have fun experimenting with clay.  We will focus on the hand-building techniques of pinch, coil and slabs while creating unique sculptural and functional works.  We will create pottery that is inspired by the nature that surrounds us, including its distinctive shapes, rich colors and textural elements.  Students will bring home a number of handmade summer memories.


Kathy Nichols

Ages 6-9

July 29, 9-noon

Students develop a creative sense of environmental awareness by reusing “throw away” items in new artistic ways. They will repurpose a variety of non-traditional art materials and techniques in a fun, exploratory and safe environment. Families are welcome to contribute clean (free) recyclables such as paper towel tubes, cereal/cracker boxes, colored plastic bags, drink bottles etc. Students will create projects such as paper mache sculptures, mobiles, aluminum tray art,  water bottle sculptures and a-maz-ing cardboard toys.

ARTS & CRAFTS - Margo Thompson

Ages 6-9

Aug 5, 9-noon

Students will experiment with different mediums.  All students will learn color theory and drawing basics.  The class will create collages, paintings, drawings, sculptures and much more.


Ages 6-9

Aug 5, 9-noon

Come enjoy a week of drawing & painting.  Students will be taught a variety of drawing and  painting techniques in an encouraging environment.  As assortment of art media will be used to create drawings.  This is an opportunity for students to experience professional level instruction in a very child friendly art studio and be inspired to create beautiful original art pieces.     

>> Ages 10-13,14 <<

BEACH & SURF ART - Aaron Bogushefsky

Ages 10-13

1st Session: June 24, 12:30-3:30

2nd Session:  July 1, 12:30-3:30

For slightly older students this class is also led by local surf artist and teacher “Bogy”.  Students will create paintings and oil pastel drawings, collages and clay sculptures inspired by the OC lifestyle.  The perfect camp for those who love the beach and boardwalk!

VIDEO & ANIMATION - Ruthann Meyer

Ages 10-13

1st Session: July 8, 9-noon

2nd Session:  July 15, 9-noon

Bring your smart phone or iPad or Tablet and learn the art of videography and animating!  Using a variety of apps and editing techniques you too can create amazing videos for school projects and special events.  Learn to share these with family and friends.  Video editing projects include shorts/documentaries, screen capturing tutorials and a movie trailer.  We will also be exploring a variety of animation techniques including Claymation, stop-motion and paper animation!—There’s an app for that!

PASSPORT TO ART - Cyndy Dudnick

Ages 10-13

July 8, 12:30-3:30

Students will take an art-filled journey around the world.  Using a variety of mediums, students will create art inspired by various cultures around the globe.  Each day the students will create a piece of culturally significant art and a watercolor postcard describing their adventures.  They will record their travel destinations in a hand-crafted, personalized “passport”.

IT’S CLAY TIME - Jason Elia

Ages 10-13

1st Session: July 22, 12:30-3:30

2nd Session:   July 29, 12:30-3:30

This camp is designed for a slightly older group of kids who want to continue their exploration of clay or try something new.  Along with the basic hand-building techniques of pinch, coil, and slab the students will incorporate other mediums into their work.  Inspiration for these projects will be derived from nature (beach & surf) and their own personal hobbies and favorite things.  Students will bring home a number of handmade clay items.


Cyndy Dudnick

Ages  10-13

1st Session: Aug 5, 12:30-3:30

2nd Session:  Ages 6-9   Aug 12, 9-noon

Every day is an artistic adventure! Fun, whimsical and creative art lessons with a variety of art forms, including clay, painting, printmaking, drawing and more.  Creative artwork inspired by faraway places, famous artists and seashore themes. Create painted carousel horses, fish prints, clay sculpture with candle, coral reef mobile, tie-dye butterfly , flip-flop garland and more.  A rich and fun experience for all!


Ages 10-13

Aug 12, 9-noon

Students will have fun experimenting with a different medium every day!  Five days of camp will be packed with lots of projects to get the creative minds in motion.  Drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking and graphic design techniques will be explored while appreciating things around us—beautiful objects, landscapes, animals etc.

DIGITAL ART - Alex DiGiovanni

Ages 12-14

Aug 19, 9-noon

Campers will learn to illustrate using iPad technology. Focus will be on portraiture, perspective drawing, photography and video editing.  Campers will learn how to use a variety of applications and principals of design.  By the end of the week campers will have a diverse digital portfolio of work.  Tablet or smartphone is required.